Monday, December 24, 2012

Where are You Mr.Kalki???

I have being hearing many hindu mythological stories about lord vishnu's incarnations in each Yugas.The ten forms of Vishnu are Matsya (Fish),Kurma (Tortoise), Varah (Boer),Narsimha (Half-man Half-lion),Vamana(Dwarf),Parshuram,Ram,Krishna,Buddha and Kalki.
          It is said that we are in the Kaliyug, The society is facing this Kaliyugness everyday.Today I was reading the times of India and was so shocked to read that the paper was almost cluttered with the news of rape cases and that too unsolved.Kali the demon who gave importance to only and only sex,it seems that his
powers are ruling the entire universe and many such rape cases are the perfect example of the maqnifestation of his powers.It is believed that whenever society is completely enveloped in sin then lord vishnu has reincarnated himself in one or the other of the ten forms to free the society from the clutches of the demons.Today the demons of the society are terrorists,corrupt officials and politicians and most importantly rapists.When will lord vishnu take the form of kalki to eradicate the effect of this kali and to completely wipe out these demons from our society.To bring justice and order in the society.We are desparetly waiting for you Mr.Kalki.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December- The Month Of Joy.

According To me December is the most Happening month of the year.People witness not only the nerves chilling atmosphere,but the month is also filled with loads of events be it Marriages or the College fests.
To add to it,the date 25th of December which is being celebrated as Christmas all over the world,and then
after that 31st of December the last day of the year and the day to prepare for making celebrations of the
coming new year.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Business Of Education

I am a customer,I am a student of Mumbai University.Yes i would like to bring before the people and most importantly fellow students who are going through the same problem from which I am going.Firstly you pay
a handsome amount of money even though your financial status is not allowing you to do so expecting that
you will definitely reap the benefits of whatever fees you have paid,benefits in this case is not monetary but
smooth functioning of the education institutes.
I have a list of complaints against the university and i think i have a right to put those down in any media i wish

1) I am doing my masters in communication and journalism from one of the college in the suburb of mumbai
which is affiliated to the university of mumbai.The university harasses the students mentally by each and other
time telling to fill one or the other form and along with those forms they will ask for the whole lot of documents along with it.

2) The name of the Subject being wrongly printed in the circular sent by the university.

3) While filling the form for the semester examination there is one column as to we can select the centre for
examination of our choice.But afterwards we come to know that we are being thrown in some other centre
than the one which we have selected and that also too far,and that also 2 days prior examination.If this is the
case then i have the question that why does this university practices the so called formality of asking to fill us
the centre of our choice.We also got our hallticket very late.3 days prior examination.

4) There has also been not proper textbooks or study material which would help to score substantially in the examination.We rely on the GOOGLE INDIA which many a times uses complex terminologies the interpretation of which becomes a tedious task and we are left with no other option than just mugging up with  whatever content we have.The books are not even available in the market and the source for the presentations on the respective topics assingned by our faculty for internal assesment remains only the internet which has the major disadvantage as mentioned above.

Does university doesn't takes its affairs seriously? What is the big reason for the creation of such a mess
which is affecting students? Do we have a proper machinery were all the reasonable complaints made by the
students have been taken cognigance of and rectified or else it has just been developed for the sake of developing it?
        The day when University will find answers or rather would i say solutions to such problems will help the university to earn the title of "Students Corner" until then it would only be called as an entreprenual institution.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

The real meaning of Democracy

The ashes of Maharashtra's Supremo Balasaheb Thakre had not becoming cold and the new heat over the topic of democracy just began to raise its ugly head thus once again making the situation something filmy not only for the protectors of the society-THE POLICE but also for students.
        Palghar resident Shaheen Dhada was arrested on 19th November,2012 for putting comment on the social networking site facebook for the shut down on sunday 18th november,2012 post mr Thackerey's death.She updated the status that the whole of maharashtra had been kept close only for one man.did we showed this respect for the great freedom fighters like bhagat singh,Sukhdev and many more.from this it is clear that the girl has updated an incomplete picture and has made the wrong use of the word democracy.(However the action taken by police just cannot be justified and a severe action Must be taken against them)
but the status update of the girl just shows that many people just use these electronic tools for the sake of using it without even being aware of what we are posting and some constraints have to be posed on such
excessive freedom granted bythe constitution,otherwise due to which people will just take an undue advantage of this freedom like Shaaheen Dhada.I would like to tell Shaaheen that first of all the bandh which
was there was not out of forcebut out of the choice of the people.secondly she spoke something about paying respect to our great leaders as mentioned above.How can she affirmatively state that these leaders have not been payed respect.has she gone through some literatures or have she witnessed the normal working of the nation without any shutdowns when these great leaders had been hanged till death.there might have been a bandh to pay respect during some 20's 30's or whenever they had been hanged.
           Then there had been some protests against the arrest of the girl and Rini Shrinivasan who liked shaheen dhada's status,which is good but these status updates of the protest were just updated without having complete knowledge of what they are updating.One of the girl just granted the title of a racist to the supremo,other updated the status the meaning of which i m still unable to get she updated "Police should also arrest me as I Spoke to my Neighbour and also spoke/commented on the economic meltdown in 2008" now does this have to do anything with the current topic of democracy.It seems that the youth are are expressing their feelings without going a prior thought to it as in the case of Shaheen dhada and some other few who protested against the arrest.( The comments regarding the protest have been published in DNA dated 20th Nov,2012).The arguments presented in such sorts of status updated are very weak.The youth today have not  understood the real meaning of Democracy.Democracy does not mean speaking for the sake of speaking but pinpointing certain limitations having a thorough knowledge on the topic of which is spoken,written and published about.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raj Thackerey Is Right.

Before turning to the main issue, i would like to ask a simple question to all my friends and also fellow readers: ''What would be your Reaction to the Huge pouring of Guests or Visitors At your Home?''. I hope each and every one of us would just get irratated and would pray that the guest would leave our
home as early as possible so that we could be left with the space to atleast breath.
         Such is the condition of our city.The people are just pouring into the city haphazardly with no space
left if this situation remains then we are not too long from the day that we would have to walk on roads
like a tortoise,or like at the places were the crowd is just so infinite.A restriction is desperately needed to
be put on this people pouring into this city and Raj Thackerey is exactly doing that.Fear remains the only
weapon when the so called secularistic policy fails.Raj Thackerey came into limlight when he was on the
mission of stopping the north indians or for that matter any person from the other region of the country.
Why the hell people come to this city only and that too many of them staying here illegally and that too
many of them doing the work of labour.Doesn't they see or have knowledge of cities like Delhi,Kolkatta
Banglore and many more.I don't think that raj thackery is wrong if he tries to stop these bastards from
entering our city who have been succesful to make our city a garbage.The latest incident of  Azad maidan
people from Bihar come here stay illegally and then do such anti-social activities and then again fleed to
bihar.******************************* and many more bad words for them.Is mumbai a joke to
them?Secondly the second thing i liked about raj thackerey is that he is going to take action against the ****
******* News channels.Ya The word hindi has become a bad word because of these rascals TRP
business.Even if the matter is not so much grave they over senticize the issue and do the work of pouring
oil in fire and are always ready with the false excuse of press liberty.MY FOOT press liberty half of the
things which they show are not even real and they only show the same things whole day.Even there was
one article i remember in THE TIMES OF INDIA. that it was on 26/11 the hindi news channels made
things difficult for the police and other security forces by showing the live coverage of the incident without
even taking into account that even the terrorists would be watching the television.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pakistani Serials

Switching on a television today has been a boring and also a hopeless thing.With the advent of DISH TV,
Set-Top box and other accesories being attached to your idiot box has only given people an access to n
number of channels which they haven't even heard of in their lifetime.With these advanced tools one can
only provide to the end-user excellent graphics,picture quality,Sound.Though these are the Pre-requisites
of any electronic production targeted to the viewers they can never substitute the inseparable aspect of the
television world and that is Content,Story,Quality and lot other adjectives which depict the serious approach
towards the work under taken.Precariously giving the Excuse of the so-called parameter TRP should be
stopped.There is a misunderstanding in the minds of people that the maximum number of hopeless elements they add to their serials the more number of people will be glued to their televisions.This trend has to be changed.
             However Sab has taken into consideration this side and that's they have produced a Funny,Humoro
-us show like Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma.Another show which i like is Crime Patrol (Though it is based
on real events) the cast,the direction and everything is just so superb.A successful attempt to create a realistic
depiction of the events happening around our environ.But just have look at the ratio 2 watchable serials among which 1 being a show based on real events.Isn't it a shame that the television media has failed to
contribute a realistic,mature serials to the people.I have been watching two of the pakistani serials quite for
few days to name them Ankahee and Dhoop Kinare and i am in love with their work.The serials were of some of 80's.The age when technology was not so much advanced as of today.But both the serials surpassed
these technology lacking hurdle and touched the hearts of the intellectuals who have watched this serials.
A Smooth Flow of Story,Beethowen's Symphony as Background score (For Ankahee),Beautifully played
Guitar Chords that really touches the chords of the heart(In Dhoop Kinare),Dialogues crafted with excellent Urdu words.What else could be the mind refreshing experience in such hectic world.Even the locations are
very Exotic.Creating a desire in the mind of one while watching it to go and stay there atleast for a month,
away from this smoke,dust and other pollutants.The other positive side is when we see the serials we don't
feel that the actors are acting in it,we just feel that they would be knowing each other in real life and also would be in relation like that in serial, hidden camera has been mounted near to them and their actions,conversations are been recorded without their knowledge,Such is the Charisma,Finesse of the actors.
So just hoping for a miracle to happen and would be able to see such kind of Work,Quality,Content with these ever increasing tools that will help to deliver it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Must Watch Crime Patrol Episode This Episode really Touched My Heart.Salute to the crime patrol team for shooting so fast.