Thursday, November 29, 2012

The real meaning of Democracy

The ashes of Maharashtra's Supremo Balasaheb Thakre had not becoming cold and the new heat over the topic of democracy just began to raise its ugly head thus once again making the situation something filmy not only for the protectors of the society-THE POLICE but also for students.
        Palghar resident Shaheen Dhada was arrested on 19th November,2012 for putting comment on the social networking site facebook for the shut down on sunday 18th november,2012 post mr Thackerey's death.She updated the status that the whole of maharashtra had been kept close only for one man.did we showed this respect for the great freedom fighters like bhagat singh,Sukhdev and many more.from this it is clear that the girl has updated an incomplete picture and has made the wrong use of the word democracy.(However the action taken by police just cannot be justified and a severe action Must be taken against them)
but the status update of the girl just shows that many people just use these electronic tools for the sake of using it without even being aware of what we are posting and some constraints have to be posed on such
excessive freedom granted bythe constitution,otherwise due to which people will just take an undue advantage of this freedom like Shaaheen Dhada.I would like to tell Shaaheen that first of all the bandh which
was there was not out of forcebut out of the choice of the people.secondly she spoke something about paying respect to our great leaders as mentioned above.How can she affirmatively state that these leaders have not been payed respect.has she gone through some literatures or have she witnessed the normal working of the nation without any shutdowns when these great leaders had been hanged till death.there might have been a bandh to pay respect during some 20's 30's or whenever they had been hanged.
           Then there had been some protests against the arrest of the girl and Rini Shrinivasan who liked shaheen dhada's status,which is good but these status updates of the protest were just updated without having complete knowledge of what they are updating.One of the girl just granted the title of a racist to the supremo,other updated the status the meaning of which i m still unable to get she updated "Police should also arrest me as I Spoke to my Neighbour and also spoke/commented on the economic meltdown in 2008" now does this have to do anything with the current topic of democracy.It seems that the youth are are expressing their feelings without going a prior thought to it as in the case of Shaheen dhada and some other few who protested against the arrest.( The comments regarding the protest have been published in DNA dated 20th Nov,2012).The arguments presented in such sorts of status updated are very weak.The youth today have not  understood the real meaning of Democracy.Democracy does not mean speaking for the sake of speaking but pinpointing certain limitations having a thorough knowledge on the topic of which is spoken,written and published about.

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