Friday, August 3, 2012

Pakistani Serials

Switching on a television today has been a boring and also a hopeless thing.With the advent of DISH TV,
Set-Top box and other accesories being attached to your idiot box has only given people an access to n
number of channels which they haven't even heard of in their lifetime.With these advanced tools one can
only provide to the end-user excellent graphics,picture quality,Sound.Though these are the Pre-requisites
of any electronic production targeted to the viewers they can never substitute the inseparable aspect of the
television world and that is Content,Story,Quality and lot other adjectives which depict the serious approach
towards the work under taken.Precariously giving the Excuse of the so-called parameter TRP should be
stopped.There is a misunderstanding in the minds of people that the maximum number of hopeless elements they add to their serials the more number of people will be glued to their televisions.This trend has to be changed.
             However Sab has taken into consideration this side and that's they have produced a Funny,Humoro
-us show like Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma.Another show which i like is Crime Patrol (Though it is based
on real events) the cast,the direction and everything is just so superb.A successful attempt to create a realistic
depiction of the events happening around our environ.But just have look at the ratio 2 watchable serials among which 1 being a show based on real events.Isn't it a shame that the television media has failed to
contribute a realistic,mature serials to the people.I have been watching two of the pakistani serials quite for
few days to name them Ankahee and Dhoop Kinare and i am in love with their work.The serials were of some of 80's.The age when technology was not so much advanced as of today.But both the serials surpassed
these technology lacking hurdle and touched the hearts of the intellectuals who have watched this serials.
A Smooth Flow of Story,Beethowen's Symphony as Background score (For Ankahee),Beautifully played
Guitar Chords that really touches the chords of the heart(In Dhoop Kinare),Dialogues crafted with excellent Urdu words.What else could be the mind refreshing experience in such hectic world.Even the locations are
very Exotic.Creating a desire in the mind of one while watching it to go and stay there atleast for a month,
away from this smoke,dust and other pollutants.The other positive side is when we see the serials we don't
feel that the actors are acting in it,we just feel that they would be knowing each other in real life and also would be in relation like that in serial, hidden camera has been mounted near to them and their actions,conversations are been recorded without their knowledge,Such is the Charisma,Finesse of the actors.
So just hoping for a miracle to happen and would be able to see such kind of Work,Quality,Content with these ever increasing tools that will help to deliver it.