Friday, February 24, 2012

The Power Of Meditation

To Begin with I would Like to Ask a Question to you all "In this Hectic Life where all are busy running after their Work,For how long you have sat and closed your Eyes and set your Mind
free without any thoughts?''. There would hardly Be any Yeses or the Reply's Yes I have done
the Meditation.Meditation is the Phase where one closes his eyes sets his mind free from all
thoughts and recites any particular word given by his meditation Guru or even Remembers
the Almighty.In Today's Modern Stressful life,The Elements of Indian Tradition like Yoga,
Pranayam and Meditation have Become Prerequicites to lead a life without Stress.
Our Body Mechanism Gets Exhausted By the Work We Do Both Mental And Physical.Meditation
will help to Rejuvinate and Enrich our Body.There are Times when we Completely Ignore
about ourselves we only think of others,their Happiness.Our Work.Meditation is a Phase when
we Retrospect ourselves.We try to analyze our Actions and Try to Figure out what we should have
done,should haven't spoke and We take this Experience as our Guide for our Future Actions.
This Retrospection or self Analysis is not Possible In Everyday's Life without the Support of Meditation.It helps to Develope or Inculcate Strong Will Power in Ourselves. I Do not need to
mention how Will Power plays an important part in a person's life but still to elaborate its
importance Will Power helps to Improve our Focus,Concentration and helps to create a feeling
of love for the work we do.Meditation also makes a Person Mentally Strong.Sometimes we fail
to control our mind and behave in accordance with our Emotions which is many a times not
logical,Practical Meditation develops Mind Control.Meditation also imbibes in us the Quality
of Patience.Meditation diminishes the Pressure of Heavy Workload.We shold do meditation whenever we get time atleast for 5 min.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Humorous World Of Television

Today,Television Industry has Dominated the Indian Households.There would hardly be any house in India which is ignorant about the Serials,Reality Shows,Movies etc.This Industry has influenced the life of Common Man so Much so that the People Sometimes even imagine themselves in place of their Favourate Character,Or Participant(InCase Of Reality Shows).
However these serials,Shows Contains Some Funny Elements in it.It would be easily possible
for you to pinpoint these funny and Humorous instances,If you keep alive a Funny,Humorous
Critique in you.

First I Will Mention Some Of the Funny And Wierd Elements that are An Integral part of THE

1) These Serials are being Broadcasted for So Long time that Even Indian Scriptures Like
Mahabharat and Ramayan which are considered to be the Longest and Detailed Descri-
-ption of the Mythological Happenings Of any Religion Could have would appear to be too
short in Front Of Indian Serials.To Be Precise and To Exemplify the Statement serials like
Kynki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi & Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki had Been Broadcasted For Nearly A
Decade.If you think That A Decade Is too long for an Indian Serial,It Becomes my noble
Duty to make you aware of the Marathi Serial Titled CHAR DIWAS SASUCHE which have
even crossed the Time Span of A Decade and is Still Being Aired on A Marathi Channel ETV
Marathi.Whenever I Hear Someone Discussing About this Serial I Critisize It As it should be
Renamed as CHARSHE KOTI DIWAS SASUCHE(4 Crore Days Of Mother-In-Law).Still
some people even today Watch this Serial.

2) Another Mandatory Factor which these Great Indian Sagas Contain Is that The Characters
in it are Extremes.On One Side There are people Portraying The Character Of A SUCCSE
-FUL BUSINESS MAN,OR any other Profession he/she may Belong to and A STUDENT
who Always Tops In The Exams Of College and Universities,Being Number 1 is the only
rank.Thus making their Parents Proud.While on The Other Side there are Characters who
are so much so Hopeless and Crazy that they get Indulged in Activities that leads to their
Suspension or Atleast With A Warning that the Next time he Gets involved in such Activity
will surely be Suspended.

3) Every Homes Should Have Atleast One Negative Character who works Day and Night to
Prepare Plans against the Character Of Whom They are Jealous Of.It is A Highly Proved
Fact that the Antagonists in This Serials Are Highly Bleesed by AlMIGHTY with Wits and
Intelligence that they always Overpower the Central Character atleast till the End.It seems
that the Heroes and Heroines Are Too DUMB to Recognize the Treacherous Acts of the
Villans.They Openly Talk to the Person of whom they seek help against the House and
the Wierd fact Is Nobody Hears their Conversation Even In A Joint Family System or
House filled with Loads And Loads Of People.And When The Hero/Heroine speaks to
anybody the Villan Immediately Hears the Talk.

4) Devotion Plays A Crucial Role In A Man's Life,So Also In these Daily Soaps.Everybody
Believes in God.They Celebrate each and every Festival.Everyone Brings Ganpati Idols
in their Homes,They Play with Colors During the Holy Festival,They Even Bring The idol
of Goddess During the Navratri Festival.When A Writer has nothing To Present Half of
the Time Of the Programme is DEVOTED to show how the Families Celebrate the Festival.
A Patient Laying on the Operation Table in A very Critical Condition NO need to worry
just Do A simple Excersize of Joining your Both Hands in front of the Holy Idol and The
Patient will recover soon.Thus Indicating the Moral that Your Belief in him Will Make the
Patient Stable.Even the Medical Practioners Don't fail to Deliver The Facts that"Hum Ne
To Umeed Hi Chood Di Thi Sab Upar Wali Ki Krupa hai".Thus Devotion also Makes A Dead
Man alive.One Has to just put or Immerse the Idols in Water Unable to Bear the Cold
Even the God Will Immediately fulfill the Wishes of the Devotee.Thus Developing a Doubt
In The Mind Of the Viewer About the Potientiality,Skills,Credientials and Knowledge Of the

5) Another Important Thing is that They Live in the Universe were the Security is so strong
that they always keep their Doors Open and Everybody Enters their Room.Even when
Anybody is Hospitalized everybody together Visit the Hospital leaving the Home On Secur-
-ty Guard.

6) During The Marriages The Pundit who Enchants the Mantras So Speedily that he even
Surpasses THe Speed Of the Fastest MBPS Speed Internet and Even the Fastest train.

7) A boy of the rich Family Always falls in Love with The Poor Girl.And there is Always A
Protest from the Father.Another thing which I Find Funny is However A Poor A Person
May Be His House Always Appears to be A Bunglow.He Even Roams in his House with Sh-
-oes,Chappels and Any other Possible Footwear.The Womens Sleep With Heavy Jewellery
on their Body.

Some Of My Observations On Our Cinemas.

1) The Death Rate In Our Movies Is Considerably High as if We are Virtually Experiencing
the Virtual Video Games.

2) The Hero Of the Movie has So Much Strength in his body that he Easily Fights the Gang
Of Gundas equipped with Knifes,Guns,Choppers and Other Killing Accesories.The Hero
Punches The Villan So Hard That The Villan Flies in the Sky.

3) When a Hero And Heroine Dances on the road people Accompany them And Start Dancing
with them. And Lastly

4) No Matter how Hard the Hero Has Been Beaten Up By Villans Will Show No Pain.
But will Show Pain When His Heroine Heals his Wounds.

Inspite of these things they are our Intgral Parts of Our Lives.