Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raj Thackerey Is Right.

Before turning to the main issue, i would like to ask a simple question to all my friends and also fellow readers: ''What would be your Reaction to the Huge pouring of Guests or Visitors At your Home?''. I hope each and every one of us would just get irratated and would pray that the guest would leave our
home as early as possible so that we could be left with the space to atleast breath.
         Such is the condition of our city.The people are just pouring into the city haphazardly with no space
left if this situation remains then we are not too long from the day that we would have to walk on roads
like a tortoise,or like at the places were the crowd is just so infinite.A restriction is desperately needed to
be put on this people pouring into this city and Raj Thackerey is exactly doing that.Fear remains the only
weapon when the so called secularistic policy fails.Raj Thackerey came into limlight when he was on the
mission of stopping the north indians or for that matter any person from the other region of the country.
Why the hell people come to this city only and that too many of them staying here illegally and that too
many of them doing the work of labour.Doesn't they see or have knowledge of cities like Delhi,Kolkatta
Banglore and many more.I don't think that raj thackery is wrong if he tries to stop these bastards from
entering our city who have been succesful to make our city a garbage.The latest incident of  Azad maidan
people from Bihar come here stay illegally and then do such anti-social activities and then again fleed to
bihar.******************************* and many more bad words for them.Is mumbai a joke to
them?Secondly the second thing i liked about raj thackerey is that he is going to take action against the ****
******* News channels.Ya The word hindi has become a bad word because of these rascals TRP
business.Even if the matter is not so much grave they over senticize the issue and do the work of pouring
oil in fire and are always ready with the false excuse of press liberty.MY FOOT press liberty half of the
things which they show are not even real and they only show the same things whole day.Even there was
one article i remember in THE TIMES OF INDIA. that it was on 26/11 the hindi news channels made
things difficult for the police and other security forces by showing the live coverage of the incident without
even taking into account that even the terrorists would be watching the television.

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