Monday, December 24, 2012

Where are You Mr.Kalki???

I have being hearing many hindu mythological stories about lord vishnu's incarnations in each Yugas.The ten forms of Vishnu are Matsya (Fish),Kurma (Tortoise), Varah (Boer),Narsimha (Half-man Half-lion),Vamana(Dwarf),Parshuram,Ram,Krishna,Buddha and Kalki.
          It is said that we are in the Kaliyug, The society is facing this Kaliyugness everyday.Today I was reading the times of India and was so shocked to read that the paper was almost cluttered with the news of rape cases and that too unsolved.Kali the demon who gave importance to only and only sex,it seems that his
powers are ruling the entire universe and many such rape cases are the perfect example of the maqnifestation of his powers.It is believed that whenever society is completely enveloped in sin then lord vishnu has reincarnated himself in one or the other of the ten forms to free the society from the clutches of the demons.Today the demons of the society are terrorists,corrupt officials and politicians and most importantly rapists.When will lord vishnu take the form of kalki to eradicate the effect of this kali and to completely wipe out these demons from our society.To bring justice and order in the society.We are desparetly waiting for you Mr.Kalki.

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