Friday, November 30, 2012

The Business Of Education

I am a customer,I am a student of Mumbai University.Yes i would like to bring before the people and most importantly fellow students who are going through the same problem from which I am going.Firstly you pay
a handsome amount of money even though your financial status is not allowing you to do so expecting that
you will definitely reap the benefits of whatever fees you have paid,benefits in this case is not monetary but
smooth functioning of the education institutes.
I have a list of complaints against the university and i think i have a right to put those down in any media i wish

1) I am doing my masters in communication and journalism from one of the college in the suburb of mumbai
which is affiliated to the university of mumbai.The university harasses the students mentally by each and other
time telling to fill one or the other form and along with those forms they will ask for the whole lot of documents along with it.

2) The name of the Subject being wrongly printed in the circular sent by the university.

3) While filling the form for the semester examination there is one column as to we can select the centre for
examination of our choice.But afterwards we come to know that we are being thrown in some other centre
than the one which we have selected and that also too far,and that also 2 days prior examination.If this is the
case then i have the question that why does this university practices the so called formality of asking to fill us
the centre of our choice.We also got our hallticket very late.3 days prior examination.

4) There has also been not proper textbooks or study material which would help to score substantially in the examination.We rely on the GOOGLE INDIA which many a times uses complex terminologies the interpretation of which becomes a tedious task and we are left with no other option than just mugging up with  whatever content we have.The books are not even available in the market and the source for the presentations on the respective topics assingned by our faculty for internal assesment remains only the internet which has the major disadvantage as mentioned above.

Does university doesn't takes its affairs seriously? What is the big reason for the creation of such a mess
which is affecting students? Do we have a proper machinery were all the reasonable complaints made by the
students have been taken cognigance of and rectified or else it has just been developed for the sake of developing it?
        The day when University will find answers or rather would i say solutions to such problems will help the university to earn the title of "Students Corner" until then it would only be called as an entreprenual institution.


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