Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Constitutional Shit

26th January,1950.A Day when our Constitution was fully prepared.A Day when our Country rejoiced and Basked in the Glory for being inherited the title of the largest Democracy in the whole world.This Superficiary
title thrusted upon India Barred our Mother Country which so much of laws and Sections.That even the Law
students sometime regret taking to the course.The main point is we know that a heavy book with Tons and Tons
of pages Direct our Judiciary.We even don't know what are the laws that are contained in the Constitution.
            An Interesting Paradox: A Huge Book titled Constituion with "N" number of Laws but still Many Laws
which Desparetly need to be incorporated and Even Followed,Thanks to "SATYAMEV JAYATE".But to be
precise for those who don't become part of these wonderful Journey.There are some laws which still need to be
instilled in the book of constitution and even followed those like Child Abuse,Abortion and more ETC'SS
             Now Comes the time to CUT THE CRAP and be Specific.One Such law in the Constitution is the In-
-duction of minorities from the fields of Science,Arts and Literature.We already have not so fit people for the seat of our great law making center to mention a few such Morons Dharmendra,Hema Malini,Shatrughna Sinha,Jaya Prada,the Most Irritating of e'm l GOVINDA.To Add to it The Great Master Blaster Of the Indian
Cricket Team,the God Of Indian Cricket SACHIN TENDULKAR.what does sachin have to do with the ad
ministrative field,does the actors afore mentioned feel that the parliament Is A theatre for them to perform as they will.In Fact a law shold be made that the common man who really does belong to the middle class arena to be inducted in the parliament so that he can atleast do something or try to do something for the common man.He is the One Who understands the common problems faced by us.A Polite Request to all
law makers Please Stop this Wrong Practice of Putting Undeservable People in Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha.  

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