Saturday, May 12, 2012

Moral Police's Double Standards

It's Been A Month where this issue has been happened.But to express anything we should not hesitate as how late we are exhibiting our viewpoints.It is not related to how much time span has been passed for anything but
it is definitely pertaining to what is right and what is wrong.
            The Movie DIRTY PICTURE was supposed to aired on 22nd April,2012 on Sony Television network till the day on which it was to be telecasted the media of all sorts(Print,Television,and even Radio)
was advertising the Telecast of the movie on the above mentioned date.Even the publications/Journals/Newspapers reserved their full page advertisement on the said day.Now the question which arises is that
weather the Information and Broadcasting Ministry was isolated from the society and was completely
ignorant about the movie being telecasted on the aforementioned date.Why didn't it refuse to be telecasted
for the first time the ad of the Dirty picture was run. why did it took so long to realize that the content of the
movie is in contradiction with the SO CALLED rules and Regulations of the Broadcasting Act.
              I completely Agree with the view of Mr . Milan Lutharia who is the Director of the movie.He said
that if it Morally Contrdicting the Codes of conduct then why did this movie receive the awards.the movie for
many times had also been telecasted on local cable networks.Even movies like Murder and Murder-2 had
earlier been telecasted at the prime time slot.the Information and Broadcast ministry gives the Justification that
it hampers the young minds if this is the case then they should curb Youtube and all other stuffs.because children have Accesss to these medias.Once surfing through all channels i listened one song which contained
lyrics like Bharat Mata Ki Jay with some Hedious Dance steps and It also mentioned that India has Good And Gober now the Ministry to Desparetly define what falls into their Creteria of Moral Contents.I heard
one discussion which was preceding to the hot issue of Dirty Picture telecast on the other one reporter was
saying a art is an Art it is not good or bad.The Dirty Picture is the Symbolic of The Life of the South Indian Actress of 80's Silk Smitha.If the Dirty Picture is the Saying of the Lifestyle Silk Smitha Lead then God Knows what is Vulgur In it.It's An Urge to the Information and Broadcasting ministry that hey should not indulge in this childish Act of Not Telecasting Anything.

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