Friday, July 6, 2012


BOL BACCHAN ! BOL BACCHAN ! BOL BACCHAN!!! That's all i have been hearing,reading and 
even listening for quite a few months.There is an old saying in Marathi "Bolnaryache Mati hi Khapte ani na
Bolnaryache tar Aambe hi Vikale jat nahit" meaning the one who speaks can even sell his mud and the one
who do not speaks fails even to sell mango.I think the film industry has taken this proverb TOO Seriously.
            Undoubtedly Marketing helps your product to be get recognized by the end-user but there should
be a limit to it.Right from the time when the shoot of the film started it is being promoted.Krishna of comedy
circus is using promotion as a punch line of the comedy act always telling the Sets of BB In Jaipur and how
well he have acted in the movie.Even in the comedy series of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma A whole week
is only reserved for the promotion of the movie.
             Anything beyond limit should be should know where to stop.if the people concerned
with this Double-Edged Sword does not know the exact amount of marketing required it will definitely mar
his project,even the audience will get bored after some time and will avoid to be the part of the work. 

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