Monday, March 26, 2012

The Literature In India

It is said that Books are Man's Best Friend.Books Accompany A Person Even when he is alone.
The Writing Profession Especially Of Book Writers is in a very Sorry State.It is Found that many
youths are not fond of reading.It is found that many People are not Voracious Readers.It is Found
that many People who read a book Just read a A page or two and Just close the Book.They don't
get Enthralled while reading.There are many Writers in India but only Mr Chetan Bhagat is Famous among the youths and That also Because many Of the Bollywood Stories are being adapted
from his book.If even his stories would not had been adopted for creating filmy stories even he
like other writers would have been categorized into UnRecognized.Here I Do not Intend to Generalize my Personal Opinions about I Do Feel that People Do Lack Taste When It Comes to Reading.The Stories Of Chetan Bhagat revolve only around one Common Factor and that is None other than a three letter word-SEX!!! and then the Men Topic of the Story.
The Books in India have Limited Subjects to present before the reader.The Books are just
Bombarded With Heavy,Metallic Words,Many Technical Jargons Always Necessitating A reader to keep a Dictionary beside him when he Sits to read a book.People also do not choose Writing
As A profession maybe because the Monetary Payment For Daily living is quite too low for
writers.Even there are Lots And Lots of Printing Mistakes in the books thus Highlighting And
Exhibiting The Clumsiness and Laziness on Part of the Publication as they just don't do Proof
Reading which is Quiteessentialy Required to avoid Print Mistakes.Secondly there are not enough Libraries which incorporates New and Interesting Books as Contrary to Book Sellers who
sits besides the Narrow Streets and Sell the Books At Fixed Rate the Rate may Vary from Street to street.A person may buy a book or Two but many a times the book that these sellers have are
quite Excellent to read that we feel that We should buy the whole stock but we explain our book
loving irrational mind that it is practically a foolish idea which leaves no option for us to read boring books from our libraries.There are also chances that the books that we buy from these
sellers contain some irregularities like Duplication of the page,Few Words might not be Printed Properly even a page would be missing from the book.
There is a Need to Save this Creative profession from its declining stage.Measures
should be taken that peoplet rightly monetary payment and due recognition.Proper library facilities should be developed for incorporating the Varied Subjects Books.

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