Friday, February 24, 2012

The Power Of Meditation

To Begin with I would Like to Ask a Question to you all "In this Hectic Life where all are busy running after their Work,For how long you have sat and closed your Eyes and set your Mind
free without any thoughts?''. There would hardly Be any Yeses or the Reply's Yes I have done
the Meditation.Meditation is the Phase where one closes his eyes sets his mind free from all
thoughts and recites any particular word given by his meditation Guru or even Remembers
the Almighty.In Today's Modern Stressful life,The Elements of Indian Tradition like Yoga,
Pranayam and Meditation have Become Prerequicites to lead a life without Stress.
Our Body Mechanism Gets Exhausted By the Work We Do Both Mental And Physical.Meditation
will help to Rejuvinate and Enrich our Body.There are Times when we Completely Ignore
about ourselves we only think of others,their Happiness.Our Work.Meditation is a Phase when
we Retrospect ourselves.We try to analyze our Actions and Try to Figure out what we should have
done,should haven't spoke and We take this Experience as our Guide for our Future Actions.
This Retrospection or self Analysis is not Possible In Everyday's Life without the Support of Meditation.It helps to Develope or Inculcate Strong Will Power in Ourselves. I Do not need to
mention how Will Power plays an important part in a person's life but still to elaborate its
importance Will Power helps to Improve our Focus,Concentration and helps to create a feeling
of love for the work we do.Meditation also makes a Person Mentally Strong.Sometimes we fail
to control our mind and behave in accordance with our Emotions which is many a times not
logical,Practical Meditation develops Mind Control.Meditation also imbibes in us the Quality
of Patience.Meditation diminishes the Pressure of Heavy Workload.We shold do meditation whenever we get time atleast for 5 min.

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