Friday, January 6, 2012

Thinking About The Good and Bad Experiences of Your Life? Just Don't Think Enjoy for the Good and Always Be Ready To Also Face What Is Negative or bad.Every Coin Has Two Sides.So A Man In Life has to face both Happiness and Sorrow.There is Also A Saying That Happiness Comes with the Crown of Sorrow,So If You Want to welcome Happiness You should Also be Ready To Welcome Sorrow.Instead Of thinking What do i don't have think of Them Who Have nothing to lose and live life to its Fullest.We Met People and We Separate Just Don't Lose Hope As The World Is Round Always be Optimistic that one day you will definitely met as Sharukh In Om Shanti Om Rightly says "Agar Koi Bhi Cheeze Dil Se Chaho To Pure Kaynat Use Badal Dene Main Tumhari Madat Karte hai".Atleast you can try to be positive.
We Readily Say that India Main Kuch Nahi Raha and We Easily Highlight the Bad Side of our Country.However it is Unfortunately True that our country is Really In A Sorry State,But It is Not at all Unwise to Expect That Our Country will Change Someday.Its Just like A Vicious Circle.And India Is Not An Exception to it.
Here are Some Points which Might help to Trigger Some Feeling of Hope for the Declining Condition Of Our Country.

1) We Always Speak About The Alalrming Unemployment In India But It is This Good News
which I Read In A Marathi Daily MAHARASHTRA TIMES on the Second Day of the Year
the News Highlithed as Follows
5 Lakh Jobs

Good News for this Year
Though the World is Under the Wings Of Economic Inflation India will Experience 'Jobfeast'.Even Good Increase In Salary.

We also Wonder weather these prices are going to be reasonable to buy even the Goods of
Daily Needs or there would be a Case Where we have to sell ourselves to even buy the Essential Commodities.But A Sigh Of Relief for this Increase in Price as Another News Which i am going to tell you will put back a Smile On Aam Janta's Face as The Price Increase has Stealth the Smilw from the Common Man's Face.The News In TIMES OF INDIA on 6th Of January 2012 Read As
Food inflation turns negative,RBI may cut Rates
The Jargon is Creating A little bit of Obstruction to understand the Above Mentioned News For you all Unlikely for an Economics or Any Commerce field students who Daily Encounter Such Kinds of Terms Or Statements when they open their Heaps To Score in Exam(If they do So.).So let me Myself Just Simplify the Language of the English Daily And Tell you what the news Has all to say About.It Says ''Food inflaton turned negative for the first time in nearly six years in late December as prices of Vegeatables,Potato,Onion and some Cereals fell sharply.Figures Say Everything so i will also mention the statistics which Forms The Latter part of the news which is Cohesive with the above mentioned statement.Vegeatable
prices fell by 50.22% year on year while Potato prices declined an annual 34.01%.
Onion prices which had shot up last year fell by 73.74% year on year.Wheat Prices declined an Annual 3.41%.

We always speak about the Corrupt Politicians but there are really Very few politicians who really want to do something for their states.One Such Politician is Mr Narendra Modi of Gujarat
Mr Narendra Modi Has Broken Of the Record Of Being the Minister of A State for more than A
Decade.And The Condition Of the State has really Improved.It would not be An Exgeration if I
use the Simile that Mr Narendra Modi Looks after the GUJARAT state like a Mother takes care of her child.Rightly calling it ''MARO GUJARAT" rightly known as My Gujarat.Another Politician
whom i would not Hesitate to Label as A Good Politician is Mr Nitish Kumar Who is the Cheif Minister Of Bihar.The Improved Governance Under the Regime Of Mr Nitish Kumar has Led to an economic revival.There has Been A greater Investment in Sectors Like HealthCare Industry,Infrastructure,Education. There has also Been A Tremendous State Change in the Law
and Order of the state as there has been a tremendous abatement in Crime And Corruption.Even New York Times Talk about thevastly Improved Law And Order and Phenomenal Economic Growth under the Pathway of Mr Nitish Kumar.Even The Current Cheif Minister Of Maharashtra Mr Prithviraj Chavan is trying to clean up the menace of Corruption.
As per STATESMAN which is also One Of the Foreign English Daily has stated that 405 employees from the Agriculture and revenue Departments have been suspended.Even the Suicides of Farmers have been reduced.

4) Now Speaking About the Sports And Technology Field.The Year 2011 saw the Thrill Of Formula one Race in Delhi thus opening the gate for a new kind of sport in India called Car
Racing on large Platform which we thought that it Would Not Have been Possible with the Roads and Infrastructure Condition in India.But The Buddha International Circiut not only Made the Formula One Event Succesful in India But Also Proved that Yes we do have a Cream that can Create things Of International standard and Potenc.Even the Tech Fest which is Being held in Powai in Mumbai Exhibits Talents Of IIT'S which is as par with the International Team Of Technology Creators.Every year they do create Robots And In the news i Saw One Person Who Created Mini Robot Who Plays Football.There is a vital need to increase an Investment In Science and Technology Current it is 1% GDP.It should Be 2% GDP.

4)There Are Small Small Laws Which Are Broken Everyday.It Is Necessary To Maintain Law And Order.The LAw Keeping Organisations Help In Protecting Our Laws.Just Read This News Of TIMES OF INDIA
IILeagal Building Works:Neighbours Can Join Suit,Says High Court
Your Neighbour can have A say if you put up an illegal construction.The Bombay
High Court has allowed a city resident to intervene in a case filed by her neighbour in connection put up by him.This Order is important in a city like Mumbai where thousands of Encroachments and illegal building activities go unchecked.
is Is just One Arena Where for the First Time I have Read a News About The Legal Body has
Enforced the LAw Against the Illegal activities (As Illegal Construction In This Case) and The Victim Has Filed A Case against the Guilty.I hope Everyone Don't waits for A Legal Body to Pass
a law About the illegal activities.Everyone should just speak And Take action against what is Wrong,Callous,Illegal.

I wish This Blog Of My Mine Will Help To Arouse Some Positive Attitude towards the
Country.Change Does Not Takes Place In A Day.Be Optimistic And The Situation will Surely Change.

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